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Have you ever had cramps so bad you just want to sit at home? People have muscle strains and cramps when they overwork their muscles and tissues. Loss of fiber, no proper diet, reckless use of the body to achieve superficial goals, all lead to moderate to severe muscle aches. Generally, such muscle aches go away after a well rest but many undergo constant pain. Patients who have just had their surgeries encounter muscle pain. There should exist some remedies for people who experience muscle injuries and have to stay side-lined for multiple months. Prosoma 350mg is a high dosage medicine that doctors and health care professionals actively recommend for various reasons.


What is Prosoma 350mg?

Prosoma 350mg (Carisoprodol) is potent muscle relaxing medicine used to treat the discomfort associated with painful muscle  conditions like stiffness and muscle spasms. Prosoma 350 mg belongs to the class of muscle relaxants. The main active ingredient of Prosoma 350mg is Carisoprodol.

Carisoprodol is manufactured and sold in many countries under the banner of Soma medicine. Prosoma 350mg is a generic variation of Soma. Centurion Pharma makes Prosoma 350 mg and its other dosage variations as generic medications for use worldwide.

The main ingredient of Prosoma 350mg, Carisoprodol was first approved for medical use in 1959 by the FDA in the United States. Although a few countries in Europe ban the usage of Prosoma due to its dependence tendencies, other countries allow the manufacturing and supply of this medicine. With more than a million prescriptions made by people with muscle aches in the States alone, it is the 255th most commonly recommended medicine, reports a study.

Its legal usage in countries makes it a safer medicine than most in the market. FDA approves its usage in the form of a schedule IV drug in the United States.


What are The Uses of Prosoma 350mg Tablets?

A potent muscle relaxant, Prosoma 350mg treats all kinds of aches a muscle feels after rigorous workouts. Even without overworking, some people have a lower threshold for pain. These people rejoice in taking Prosoma 350 mg because of its affordability and availability.

Prosoma 350mg is supposed to be used along with the rest. It is an effective alternative as physical therapy for muscles, muscle relaxation after strains, sprains, and muscle injuries.

Carisoprodol is unlike other opioid analgesics that treat pain. Because Prosoma 350 mg works fine with an increased dosage.

Prosoma 350 mg has a few non-medical uses. To experience a ‘high’ people use Carisoprodol in the mixture with opioids and benzodiazepines. A controlled amount of high is good to relieve stress and fatigue.


How does Prosoma 350mg Tablet Work in The Body?

Muscle relaxation follows quite the unorthodox route in the body. The glutamate receptors induce excitotoxicity and neuronal apoptosis. This means excess glutamate in the system leaves the body prone to be in a state with relaxed cells. The unwanted cells die due to excess glutamate and what is left for the body is a hyper relaxed state. Glutamate over a certain amount may lead to seizures.

This is why Prosoma 350mg is recommended by so many doctors to treat muscle pain. This medicine provides the perfect balance. It acts as an agonist of the NMDA receptor (glutamate). This action allows a controlled secretion of glutamate enzymes. This is possible due to the structural similarity between Prosoma 350 mg and glutamate enzyme.

Similarly, Prosoma 350 mg also has compositional similarities with benzodiazepines. The GABAergic activity that medicines like diazepam and clonazepam inhibit also makes way for better muscle relaxation and anxiety reduction. This is something Prosoma 350 mg does pretty effectively.


What are The Correct Dosage Instructions When Using Prosoma 350mg Tablet?

Prosoma 350mg can be highly reactive. It is necessary to take high dosage medicines with caution. For adults dosage of 350mg 3 times, a day is optimum. First of all Prosoma 350 mg cannot be used by kids below the age of 16. For geriatrics, the balanced dosage is around 350mg 3 times a day. So, this concludes that for both adults and kids barely adults, the effect of the medicine does not change much. The duration of the dosage cycle should not be more than 14 days. A 2-week dosage cycle of Prosoma 350 mg ensures that the medical use is fulfilled. Anything more and it is possible to develop a dependency on Prosoma 350 mg which can be highly dangerous.


Precautions to Follow When Using Prosoma 350mg

  • Avoid storing the medicine in a place with excessive sunlight.
  • A place with moderate coolness and room temperature is best for storage.
  • Prosoma 350mg can have highly psychometric reactions when kids consume it. Keep it away from children at home.
  • Prosoma 350 mg overdosage can lead to fatal brain damage. Follow prescription faithfully to keep yourself safe.
  • This medicine has a high chance of acting as a potent sedative. Proceed with appropriate caution when using Prosoma 350 mg.
  • If you have a history of substance abuse, avoid consuming Prosoma 350mg.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Completely give up for the duration of therapy with Prosoma 350 mg. Prosoma 350 mg may lead to possible effects that might make the brain feel heavy with extra alcohol.
  • If you are worried about being unable to take Prosoma 350 mg because of pregnancy, it’s alright. Pregnancy has zero to no effects due to Prosoma 350 mg.
  • Lactating women may produce milk with trace contents of Carisoprodol. Therefore the infants who ingest milk from women under Prosoma 350 mg therapy should be monitored for sedation for their safety.


What are The Side Effects of Prosoma 350mg Tablets?

Prosoma 350mg in its allowed dosage has very few side effects. The only adverse side effects of Prosoma 350 mg occur due to overdosage. Prosoma 350 mg produces euphoric and dysphoric feelings in mild amounts. This may lead to further problems because this feeling attributes most of the reasons why users of Prosoma 350 mg develop an addiction to it. These feelings are generally short-lived because our bodies quickly metabolize carisoprodol from the system. Other than these feelings Prosoma 350 mg also induces in users somnolence (need to sleep excessively). This medication has good tolerance to other things and can be taken with a number of beverages other than alcohol. Alcohol and Prosoma 350 mg may lead to full-spectrum sedative side effects. Other more common and manageable side effects of prosoma 350mg are;

  • Dizzyness
  • Clumsiness
  • Headache
  • Faster Heart Rate
  • Upset Stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Skin Rash

Prosoma 350mg does not have many adverse life-threatening side effects. But the few that remain should be avoided at all costs. They are;

  • Withdrawal
  • Addiction/Dependence/Abuse
  • Seizures
  • High Serotonin Levels
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Loss of Muscle Tone

The drug dependence rate of Prosoma 350 mg is high. If you ever feel euphoric and want to maintain that feeling, then that is your sign to seek medical counsel as quickly as possible.


What are The Interactions of Prosoma 350mg Tablets with Other Medicines?

Prosoma 350mg is a strong centrally acting muscle relaxant. There are a lot of drugs and medicines that may lead to harmful reactions in the body if any of these drugs interact with each other.

The interaction of Prosoma 350 mg with essentially all opioids is potent. All other centrally acting analgesics like codeine, those of the codeine-derived subgroup of the semisynthetic class also interact with Prosoma 350 mg’s Carisoprodol to tilt the balance of the body. The allowance of a smaller dose of the opioid is useful in general and especially where skeletal muscle injury and/or spasm of the body is a large part of the problem. The potentiation effect of open-chain opioids like methadone, levomethadone, ketobemidone, phenadoxone, and others when in co-administration with Prosoma 350 mg can lead to fatal results.

In recreational drug users, the interaction of hydrocodone and carisoprodol of Prosoma 350 mg leads to death in some cases. The interaction of Prosoma 350 mg with other opiates also has the potential to aspirate while unconscious.


What are The Alternatives for Prosoma 350mg?

Prosoma 350mg is not the first medicine to treat muscle aches.

Carisoma 350mg

Pain O Soma





  • Q. What to do in case of overdosage of Prosoma 350mg?

It is not alright to have an overdose of Prosoma 350mg. If you have developed dependency then visit a doctor and visit correction and after-narcotic therapy houses.

  • Q. How to know if you have a dependency on Prosoma 350mg?

If you feel like you want to maintain the euphoric feeling Prosoma 350mg generates then it is a tell-tale sign that you might have come to a starting point in inducing dependency on Prosoma 350mg.

  • Q. Can Prosoma 350mg treat my leg cramps?
    Prosoma 350mg can easily treat nocturnal leg cramps. Take it in appropriate amounts for beneficial effects in a couple of weeks.
  • Q. Is it okay to use Prosoma 350mg for fractures?
    Fractures of the hip and other bones are painful. Prosoma 350mg can help in alleviating pain and symptoms that hurt.


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