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Buy Ivermectin 12 Tablets at Low Price in USA, UK & Australia to Treat Covid-19

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What is Ivermectin 12?

Ivermectin 12 is an antiparasitic medication prescribes for treating parasitic infections, roundworms, scabies (typical and crusted), Strongyloidiasis, onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, etc. This is not an over-the-counter medication and it falls under the category of anthelmintics type of drug. There is a difference of agreement with the outright use of Ivermectin-12 for Covid-19. But it is observed that the use of Ivermectin-12 for treating symptoms of Covid-19 in patients has given an affirmative response. The key ingredient in Ivermectin 12mg is Ivermectin itself that yields beneficial results for eradicating a number of parasitic infections including Covid-19.

Ivermectin-12 is an operant medication habitually used for treating parasitic infections in the eyes, skin, and intestinal tract. For people with low immunity, Ivermectin can be effectively used for parasitic infections and lessen the danger of life-threatening infections.

Ivermectin-12 is an oral prescription medication and can not consume without a doctor’s approval. This is a generic substitute of the brand medication, Stromectol. Ivermectin 12mg has been approved by the food and drug administration for treating parasitic infections and similar diseases. In addition to ceasing the infections, Ivermectin-12 is considerably helpful for strengthening immunity in people with weak defense systems. Within 2 weeks of administration, Ivermectin 12mg has cured the parasitic infection in most people with no new lesions. 


Why Unitedmedicines?

Ivermectin-12 has come out as a boon for the world which is a very functional medication to treat all such symptoms of Covid -19. Doctors across the globe have endorsed the use of Ivermectin-12 to treat Covid-19. It is advised to drink lots of water or fluids for the best results. During the course period of this medication, your doctor will regularly assign blood and stool tests for examining the health improvements and avoiding the negative impacts on health. 

You can buy Ivermectin 12 mg tablets from at low price to treat Covid-19 in USA, UK & Australia. We provide Ivermectin 12 mg (Iverheal / Covimectin) tablets with discount + free shipping for sale, fast+free+cash on delivery (cod). Also, get it with credit card / bitcoin / UPI / debit card payment option, FDA approved, 100% safe, easy returns, money back guaranty, 24/7 customer support for your any query in USA, UK & Australia


What are The Benefits of Ivermectin-12 Tablets?

Ivermectin-12 is originally meant for the treatment of parasitic infection in the intestinal tract, eyes, and skin. It works for curing threadworms such as Strongyloidiasis, onchocerciasis (river blindness) caused in the skin, lymph nodes, eyes. Recently, Ivermectin 12mg has been prescribed for its deliberate use in treating symptoms of Covid-19. This drug should only be used if the patient has seen potential benefits that justify potential risks. 


How does Ivermectin-12 Tablet Work?

Ivermectin-12 prescribes for the veterinary use of Covid-19 these days. The exact action of the mechanism is yet unspecified but it is presumed to work on the cells of the virus. Ivermectin 12mg is a rapid-acting medication that terminates the development of infectious disease. The active ingredient Ivermectin inhibits the Karyopherin, Importin that leads to the protein transport to the virus. And this drug restricts from synthesizing protein coating around the cells of the virus on which the virus feeds and grows.

Ivermectin-12 traps the parasite and causes paralysis and the death of the parasite. This drug decreases the parasitic gut and stops the parasite from laying eggs. The use of Ivermectin 12mg in Covid-19 patients has shown an effective decline in the viral RNA molecule and cells of the same bracket. It takes 30-60 minutes approximately for the medication to get into the system and start releasing its effect.


How to Take Ivermectin-12 Tablet?

Ivermectin-12 is a prescription medication for oral administration. Take your medications of Ivermectin 12mg as directed by your healthcare provider. Take one pill of Ivermectin 12mg with a glass of water or juice or milk. Doctors suggest taking the pill on an empty stomach or one to two hours subsequent to your meal. Swallow the pill as a whole, do not compress or snort or crush the pill. You must not take Ivermectin-12 if your doctor has not recommended this drug. Your doctor will ask you to take the medication until it completely kills the infection. You may need to take this medication again for around six to twelve months even after getting cured.

A second prescription dose is recommended to avoid the comeback of the infection. Avoid taking heavy fat food or caffeine-based products while taking Ivermectin 12mg . Drink lots of fluid during your course of Ivermectin 12mg to minimize the risk of side effects. 


What are The Dosage Guidelines for Ivermectin-12 Tablets?

Ivermectin-12 is a pharmaceutical drug that requires a medical prescription for dispensing. Adhere to the dosage guidelines for satisfactory results. Your doctor will accurately prescribe a perfect dose proportionally depending on your age, weight, health complaints, type of infection, and body mechanism. Usually, doctors give a single dose of Ivermectin-12. But in certain cases where the disease hits extremity, then doctors prescribe 2-3 doses in a day. Providing 2-3 doses of Ivermectin 12mg in a day is a rare scenario, and one must not frequently take this drug in a day if you do not notice the desired results. Do not overdose with this drug, as doing so can cause serious health hazards. If you have missed your dose of Ivermectin 12 then take it as soon as it comes to your mind. Missing a dose can break the course, and you may have to start it again. 

Avoid taking two doses of Ivermectin 12mg within 24 hours; take it if only recommended by your doctor.


What are The Storage Guidelines for Ivermectin-12 Tablets?

Store your pack of Ivermectin-12 in a dry, well-ventilated, and dark environment. Exposure to heat and intense light must be excluded. Keep your medication in a locked cupboard at normal room temperature (15-30 degrees celsius). Do not store the pills in a refrigerator. Keep Ivermectin 12mg away from children’s and pet’s reach. 


What are The Side Effects of Ivermectin-12 Tablets?

Ivermectin-12 is very effective in treating parasitic infections and helps completely cure the disease. An individual after consuming this drug may or may not show side effects due to different metabolic activities. Side effects of Ivermectin 12mg can range from mild to extreme. Usually, side effects take place as a consequence of overdosing or weak metabolism. 

Side effects due to Ivermectin 12mg include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Weakness
  • Uncontrolled shivering of the body
  • Swollen glands
  • Swelling of the eyes, nose, face, hands, or feets
  • Fever
  • Hives
  • Blisters
  • Heart palpitation
  • Joint pain

Mild side effects disappear on their own, but if you experience consistent and unusual side effects then ask your doctor on call for guidelines or visit your doctor for immediate medical examination. 


Overdose of Ivermectin-12

Overdose is a pathogen level of drug toxicity that affects physiological functioning. One might experience side effects such as deviation in body temperature, passing out, seizures, skin color changes, irregular pulse, severe chest pain, agitation, etc. Sometimes, an overdose might take place after taking a regular dose of Ivermectin 12mg due to lowered tolerance to the drug. These side effects can get adverse if left untreated. 


Drug Interactions with Ivermectin-12 Tablets

Ivermectin-12 is a safe medication on the FDA’s approval, but it might cause a source of danger if combined with any drugs. Using two different drugs in one go is risky and can consequently result in changing the working of Ivermectin 12mg or cause a chemical reaction leading to serious side effects. Serious interactions are there, if Ivermectin 12mg consume with the following set of drugs:

  • Aspirins
  • Barbiturates
  • Fish oil
  • Acetylcysteine
  • Acetaminophen
  • Vitamins (B12, C, D3)
  • Clavulanate
  • Diphenhydramine
  • Microfilaricidal drugs


When Not to Take Ivermectin-12 Tablet?

If you have a history of alcohol addiction, then avoid taking Ivermectin-12. Pregnant women must not take this drug. A report says that Ivermectin 12mg passes into milk, and it can affect the infant. If you have kidney or liver impairments, then strictly resist taking this drug. When you are suffering from serious health disorders, then inform your doctor before getting Ivermectin 12mg. If your condition can create contraindications with Ivermectin 12mg , then do not take this drug. If you have frequent asthmatic attacks, then refrain from taking Ivermectin 12mg.



  • Ivermectin-12 is a prescription medication. So, do not use it recreationally.
  • Inform your doctor about health impairments before taking Ivermectin 12mg.
  • Tell your doctor about all your allergic reactions or if you have asthma.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine while taking Ivermectin 12mg.
  • Keep this medication according to the storage guidelines.
  • Do not start, stop or pause the use of Ivermectin 12mg without a doctor’s discretion.
  • It is unknown whether Ivermectin 12mg affects the fetus so, if you are pregnant, then keep away from taking this drug.
  • This drug can affect lactation. If you are a breastfeeding mother, then avoid this drug.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I take Ivermectin 12mg ?

Ivermectin can take with an empty stomach i.e. one hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Follow doctor’s dosage guideline strictly.

Q. Is Ivermectin 12mg safe for treating Covid-19?

Yes, Ivermectin-12 has proved to be effective in treating symptoms of Covid-19.

Q. Is Ivermectin 12mg available in different strengths?

Ivermectin 12mg is available in different strengths between 3-12mg for suitable use in people with varying metabolism.

Q. Is Ivermectin 12mg a generic medication?

Yes, Ivermectin 12mg is a generic medication under the brand Stromectol.

Q. What is Ivermectin 12mg indicated for?

Ivermectin 12mg is indicated for treating parasitic infections in the intestines, eyes, or skin. It is now being used for treating symptoms in Covid-19.

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